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Opportunities for investors & residents at the 8th Life Ecovillage project in La Palma (Canary Islands)

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Project name:Opportunities for investors & residents at the 8th Life Ecovillage project in La Palma (Canary Islands)
Project manager:Cecile Capo
Proposal date:30 Oct 2013
Start date:
End date:2014-12-01 00:00:00
Start capital:
Fund balance:


8thLife is a unique opportunity to invest in a healthy future: for you, for your family, for future generations and for all species. We intend to re-populate an ancient farming hamlet in the Canary Islands, with 15-20 people (starting with a smaller group of 8 on existing site). Finca Luna is surrounded by 5 other properties currently for sale which used to comprise one large and very well designed farm.


We are creating an EcoVillage in solidarity with the citizens movements all over the world that are becoming more conscious of the detrimental aspects (climate change, growing social inequality gaps...) of the system that most of us 'civilized' humans now live in. It is up to us to change it! We believe that stopping the destruction and working to build soil and restore ecosystems, heal our addictions, change organizational structures of the global economy and learn to live in community starting locally are the most important and urgent jobs to do now.

This is a very ambitious project, starting from zero (nearly) so it needs pioneering spirits, people who want to co-create, and can put up with any kind of discomfort for the joy of making something new together. If you are clear for yourself that supporting the transition of our destructive society to a sustainable world is your first priority, you will love 8th Life Ecovillage project and we are looking for you!

Basic entry requirements:
0) to have 'work toward the the healing of the planet' as a first priority in one's personal goals and as a minimum,
1) to be enrolled in our Integral Permaculture Certificate course
2) to have studied the PDC Manual which is the manual we are using to design and run the new EcoVillage

We welcome applications from anyone who is familiar with the vision, ethics, principles and breadth of view represented by these basic trainings. Please check the (spanish) and (english) page for more details and join our Facebook page for updates and to ask questions.

Please contact Cecile Capo for more info. Thank you

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